Sensa Wolcott Photography: Blog en-us (C) Sensa Wolcott [email protected] (Sensa Wolcott Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:41:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:41:00 GMT Sensa Wolcott Photography: Blog 120 90 Smith Family A few weeks ago, the beautiful Caitlin found out that she is the 2015 Ute Mountain Rodeo Princess!  Her mom asked me to be her official photographer and boy was I excited!  We had a super fun photo shoot - she is a wonderful model and such a sweet girl!  This week we decided we should take some of the boys too, and let me tell you - they were great sports for all my posing ideas and they both have amazing smiles!  Plus, their mom watches my little princess at her daycare :)  I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family in my life!

You can see all the pictures we took in these two galleries:

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My Family Last year, my sister and her husband moved to Texas.  While we are excited that they are liking it and everyone is doing well, Texas is way too far from Mancos!  This summer, we were blessed enough to have my two nieces and nephew come stay with us for a few weeks - my sister then came to pick them up and take them home.  While she was here, we went camping in the mountains and took some pictures of her kids.  I must say, they came out quite cute and we had a ton of fun taking them!  Here's a sample - you can always see all the photos from the shoot in their full gallery!

No family photo session is complete without a little family conference!

And no session is complete without the photographers filthy little girl photo bombing the shots!

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America's Next Top Model Some of the biggest challenges for me on my new foray into portrait photography are learning how to connect with my clients in order get them to relax in front of my camera, and how to guide their poses, while still creating a natural portrait.   While I was shooting one of my recent seniors, I asked how she became such a natural at posing and being comfortable in front of my camera, and she informed me that she had been watching America's Next Top Model.   I must admit, I've only watched America's Next Top Model once or twice - being more tomboy than girly girl, that's not usually the way I spend my time.  But in my last couple of photo sessions, I've come to realize that maybe, just maybe, there just could be a point to watching the show every now and then.   I know I'm not the most comfortable model when I'm on the other side of the camera, and most of us don't aspire to be 'America's Next Top Model,' but perhaps I should watch it every once and a while to glean what tips I can - it sure worked for Brittni!


See the rest of her beautiful photos here:

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Recent Engagement Photos I recently had the opportunity to take some engagement photos or two lovely couples.  These were my first engagement photos and I found photographing couples in love quite fun.  It's fun to spend time with people about to make that next step in their journey together, and a super fun challenge to capture the love and affection in their eyes as they look at each other.  

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."  ~Lao Tzu


Derrick & Stacy

Josh & Dariah

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The Dunn Family - 2012 Kevin and Brianna Dunn have two of the cutest boys on the planet - last weekend we did an awesome photo shoot at the park in Mancos.  And to top it off it was snowing!  We got some great pictures in the snow and had such fun playing on the playground in the snow after the shoot!

And last but certainly not least, the 'growly' faces!

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The Bennetts Family Just before Thanksgiving I got to take photos of the Bennetts Family - They're a delightful family and I'm so happy that I've gotten to know them through Crystal, my lovely co-worker. They boys were so full of energy, but still such great sports and let us get some very cute shots of the family!  And yes, even though it was the middle of November, we were able to be comfortable outside - even in short sleeves!

What's cuter than brothers?  

And last, but definitely not least, one of my favorites - Andy just looks so genuinely happy to be with his boys!

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Branson Senior Photos Here are some awesome fall photos I got to take of Branson last weekend!

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Senior Photos with Kayla Last weekend I was so happy to be able to take Kayla's senior pictures.  She is a wonderfully sweet, beautiful girl and we had a great time taking photos on a lovely fall afternoon!  Thanks to Kayla and her mom for spending the afternoon with me and allowing me to photograph you!

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Erin Lopez Family Photos A few weeks ago I got to take Erin, Myles and Brodie's pictures - we had an awesome time and got some great photos despite the chilly and windy fall afternoon!

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Wolcott Ranches Greeting Card Photos My most recent project has been taking photos of our ranch that we can use on greeting cards.  I started taking pictures this Spring, and here's what I came up with.  

This summer, my husband Ben, my friend Ross, and I hiked up above the Ranch where I was able to get this awesome shot of the Lower Place as we call it. I also wanted to highlight the hay part of the Ranching Operation, because it's certainly a big part of what we do.  You can't feed cows all winter without hay to feed them! Stay tuned for some lovely Fall shots and Winter shots as well - we'll have a whole selection of seasons to choose from for our cards!  All the photos will say Wolcott Ranches (instead of Speak for the Trees Photography) and will be awesome to send to family, friends, and other businesses!

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Jersey Jim Fire Lookout Trip A couple of weeks ago, Ben and I got the chance to spend the night in the Jersey Jim Fire Lookout.  It's in a beautiful spot in the aspens at about 10,000 feet in the San Juan National Forest.  We took a short hike before dinner and got to see all the wildflowers that were in bloom.


 It was a perfect evening.  As we were watching the sunset on the balcony, we turned around just in time to watch the full moon rise over Hesperus!  



There were tons of little Tree Swallows flying all around and living in bird houses around the Lookout.  They were very friendly, photogenic little birds, as you can see from this male that was nice enough to pose for me on our way out in the morning!


It was an awesome getaway - if you ever have a chance to stay at Jersey Jim I would definitely recommend it!

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